Report: Culture at a Crossroads, Digital Transformation in the Age of COVID-19

New research uncovers the status of the culture sector’s digital transformation and the impact of COVID-19

This year, in partnership with MuseWeb, we conducted a survey to assess the status of digital transformation at museums, libraries, galleries, archives, and other cultural institutions around the world.

With input received from 120 professionals across the industry, our newly published 2020 Culture Sector Digital Transformation Report explores digital strategies and priorities during one of the most challenging operating environments in the sector’s history.

This report includes:

    1. The status of digital transformation strategies across galleries, libraries, archives and museums
    2. Industry effects of the pandemic and the inspiring resilience of cultural institutions
    3. Case studies of cultural institutions at different stages of digital transformation
    4. A how-to guide for digital transformation based on your institution’s stage in the transformation process

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