Arena Library Companion

Arena Library Companion is a web app for Arena optimized for touch screens located inside the library. It aims to fulfil a library visitor’s simple needs, to reduce workload for staff and provide good service during extended opening hours.

With the Arena Library Companion, the visitor can quickly get inspiration, answers to simple questions, view branch-specific events and search the catalogue.

The solution is designed to be used on a tablet or touch screen and complements the library’s digital presence.

How Arena Library Companion works for you

Public Library Librarians

No extra administration

It takes no extra time for the library to offer visitors this service. The Arena Library Companion is managed from the same user interface as the library’s usual Axiell Arena and updates of dynamic lists can be displayed in both places.

Customized solution

Arena Library Companion is a tailor-made solution that guides different user groups through the library’s services. With easy navigation, the ability to choose languages, and the ability to use touch screens with built-in visual impairment support features, the Arena Library Companion will quickly become a popular choice in the library.

Perfect for Open / Pop-up Libraries

The Arena Library Companion does not replace the need for public PCs, but complements a visitor’s possibilities to easily find what they are looking for. The system is adapted to the branch where it is located and the visitor can quickly get an answer about a book’s availability, where it is, which opening hours the library has, how to get a loan card, and so on.

Searching catalogue records

The search function is as powerful as in Arena and the hit list is optimized and adapted for the format. It is possible to sort and filter results. The catalogue record gives further information about an item’s availability. All functionality is available without the user having to log in, which makes the Arena Library Companion a fast and efficient tool for all library visitors.


Interactive maps tailored to your library are available to help patrons locate and use library services.

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