A theme for a better user experience

Arena Nova is our new responsive theme, designed to improve user experience for your staff and end users. The theme helps you grab your users’ attention and inspire readers by making images and content, such as reading recommendations, more prominent on the screen.

The Arena Nova theme makes it easier for staff to publish content and update the library website, whilst also making administrative tasks within Arena easier.

New in Arena Nova

New features at no extra cost

Arena Nova includes the features such as Dynamic Opening hours, Library chat and Google translate. These features are updated automatically in conjunction with Arena. New features will be available and installed at no extra cost.

Always new modern design

Arena Nova will always feel modern because the design is continuously updated to ensure good user experience.

Easy to create attractive content

Arena Nova uses content templates to present the articles in an attractive, accessible and inviting way. Pages are managed through the Liferay CMS, which makes it easier for library staff.

See examples of web pages with Arena Nova

More benefits of Arena Nova

• Optimised for both mobile and desktop devices
• A large set of template articles for news, how it works, FAQs, events and staff picks.
• Focused shortcuts on the home page
• Automatic publication of the latest news articles
• Dynamic opening hours integrated with Google Calendar
• Customised accessibility

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