Powerful Integrations

Whether it’s meeting the needs of your increasingly digital-first audiences or fulfilling your institution’s digital strategy, it’s now more important than ever that your technology systems work together.

Why Integrations are Essential

  • Turn-key integrations make your software more powerful
  • Minimize or eliminate manual, repetitive or redundant tasks
  • Cross department workflows become far more efficient
  • Harness your data across systems
  • Improve team communication
  • Rapid process from production and publishing your digital content

Our Integrations

We partnered with industry leading platforms so you can quickly import data and launch live pages in your digital and mobile interactives.

– Collections Management Software

– Digital Asset Management Software (DAMS)

– Ticketing & Point of Sale Systems

– Membership and CRM Systems

How Does it Work: 3-Easy Steps

Ensure the seamless transfer of assets between platforms to streamline production of digital engagement experiences.

  • EXPORT: Either by API connection or XML download, export your data (transactions, media, text, metadata etc.)
  • CREATE: Powerful data mapping and design tools to create pages at scale while still able to make granular edits.
  • PUBLISH: Go live with your mobile guides, in-gallery digital interactives, or online experiences. Sync updates anytime.

Who Benefits From Integrations

Learn how the seamless transfer of data and assets between platforms resolves your most common pain points.  

Collections Managers:

  • Grant access to image, audio and video asset specifications
  • Limit number of asset revisions required to moderate workload
  • Simplify the delivery of assets and data in bulk

Curators and Interpreters:

  • Build a central authority for all interpretive content
  • Identify and share the final version of interpretive content
  • Export or archive content for record keeping

Digital Producers:

  • Decrease manual labour required to manage content assets
  • Protect against manual labour errors
  • Automate content gathering for more efficient production

CMOs and Marketers:

  • Harness membership data
  • Provide a seamless experience for visitors across all digital properties
  • Monetize content and generate more revenue for members

CTOs and IT Leads:

  • Get more out of your software investments
  • Oversee the truly easy maintenance of turn-key integrations
  • Future proof your IT infrastructure


  • More quickly and easily build interactives for web, mobile, or in-gallery
  • Leverage more collections media and information for students and teachers
  • Monetize remote learning offerings with membership or ticketing integrations

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