Digital Labels

The award-winning digital label products feature hotspot touchpoints – a simple, intuitive way for visitors to dig deeper.

Product Highlights

  • Dive into the Details: Intuitive for exploring artworks, objects, rooms, or installations.
  • Both Small and Large Screens: Choose from two product options that cater to smaller tablets or large screens.
  • Go Freeform or with Circles: Design completely customized touchpoints or use animated hotspots.
  • Accessibility Features & Multi-language Support
  • Simple, Yet Powerful: Build quickly with customized design and layout options for a layered storytelling experience.
  • Rich & Interactive Media: Supports all media – images, audio, video, 3D objects, animations, and maps.
  • Advanced Interactive Modules: Surveys, Quizzes, React & Respond Modules, and more!

Digital Labels

Perfect for smaller screens and tablets, the digital label is the perfect companion to traditional wall labels.

Quickly and easily create and publish an application, yet still leverage bespoke design options and advanced interactive features.

Customers often create many digital labels – one for each historic home room or one for each gallery’s highlight piece(s).

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Advanced Artifact

Page designs and navigation are optimized for larger touch screens, wall mounts, or drafting tables.

Your in-gallery interactive can deliver augmented reality with animation overlay. Display scrollable, supplemental media on the side columns.

Perfect for exploring showpieces in-depth and emphasizing multi-media.

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