A powerful, multidisciplinary Collections Management System

The EMu Collections Management Systems has been at the forefront of collections management for more than three decades. Comprehensive and flexible, EMu can accommodate the requirements of any collecting institution.

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EMu Narrative Information

Provide narrative information

Build an evolving story around your collections

EMu’s Narratives module allows users to author narrative material and associate it with different components of a collection: objects, sites, people, multimedia resources, events, and so on. Narratives can be developed for specific audiences (primary school children, researchers, the general public for instance) and are suitable for a wide range of purposes, such as exhibition overviews, wall labels, brochures, and web-based stories.

Display Screen EMu

Preserve your digital assets

Preserve and manage your multimedia assets

EMu incorporates a comprehensive multimedia management system for handling all of your multimedia assets. The Multimedia module is fully integrated with every other module so that multimedia resources can be associated with any record anywhere throughout EMu.


Give power to your users

A responsive web-based UI

The EMu desktop application also comes with a simplified and responsive web-based interface for users. Axiell Go works across all modern devices and enables staff to respond to tasks wherever they are.

EMu Screen on Computor Devices

Connect to the world

Communicate with multiple systems

With rich XML-based import and export capabilities, EMu ensures you can interchange information with any contemporary systems. You can also associate web resources directly with records in your system.

Why choose EMu


EMu supports Unicode as well as right-to-left languages (Arabic and Hebrew)

Rich feature set

Conduct powerful collections research and analyses using the most sophisticated CMS on the market

Catalogue to international standards

EMu is Spectrum compliant and adheres to all relevant international standards

Manage digital assets

Manage multimedia, text files and physical objects in one central database

Strong taxonomy support

Manage complex taxonomies and synonymies

Manage your logistics efficiently

Track and monitor all of your loans and exhibitions

What our customers say about EMu

Mye av den institusjonelle historien har blitt fragmentert blant de ulike konserveringsavdelingene, og systemet gir oss en kontekst og et miljø der vi kan gjenforene informasjon som har vært strandet, i mange tilfeller i mer enn hundre år.

Larry Gall Peabody Museum
Larry Gall, Computer Systems Office Informatics Manager, Entomology Peabody Museum of Natural History

Det at vi nå kan være på internett og folk kan få tilgang til samlingen vår på den måten når de forsker på noe, er virkelig til hjelp for oss når vi skal oppfylle vårt oppdrag overfor publikum.

Wintherthur museum interview
Paula Destefano Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

Selv jeg kan bruke det! Det er raskt, og det er enkelt. Og ikke minst er supporten vi får fra Axiell helt topp.

Manchester Art Gallery Interview
David Carden Manchester Art Galleries (4 sites)

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