Axiell announces its digital-first Library Services Platform

It’s been a productive few months for us here at Axiell, we’ve made a number of announcements about our comprehensive Digital Library solutions, but we have one more still; and we’ve saved the biggest and best for last….

Say hello to Axiell Quria

Quria is a cloud-based, digital-first Library Services Platform, designed to facilitate the transformation of the modern public library. It’s unique in how it supports library staff, making daily work routines more efficient, dramatically reducing the number of systems that staff need access to, and providing a complete overview of what is happening in the library.

Axiell Quria is a holistic Services Platform that sets new standards for libraries and the way library services are delivered, making books, events, e-media, patron communications and other library assets manageable from a single place.  Quria is an open and flexible platform that promotes productivity, efficiency and user experience through simplicity. It ensures staff can work as they have always aspired to, engage with their community in new ways and spend their valuable time on the important, high value activities.

Start your digital transformation

“Axiell Quria is ideal for libraries that want to continue on their digital journey. The modern library services platform will help public libraries manage their move from building and managing collections to actively promoting them.” says Sven Totté, Managing Director Axiell Public Library. “Libraries strive to deliver relevant services to their citizens and community. As the community evolves, and as the demands from patrons shift, so must the library and its offerings.”

Create the Library of the Future

Quickly understanding and foreseeing change is crucial to ensuring the future of libraries and Axiell Quria provides advanced statistics and gathers insightful management information from a range of different channels, such as the library’s own website, social media and email. The collected data enables library staff to quickly gain a rich understanding and comprehensive view of its patrons and identify patterns and trends to determine relevant future strategies.

“We view public libraries as a central institution in the community and we are developing Axiell Quria to ensure that libraries can transition and continue to promote reading, learning and creativity, and be a democratic and inclusive forum in those communities. Axiell Quria is unique in how it allows the library to plan campaigns and promotions of the library’s activities, by connecting the customer register, the collection, programs and events, with the appropriate and most effective communication channel,” says Sven Totté.

The Quria platform encompasses an integration framework and modern technologies, which will make it suitable and easily enhanced for different markets now and over time. Library staff are welcome to sign up to be included in the beta program, using the form below! The library services platform will also be showcased at the CILIP Conference in Brighton in July.

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