Axiell Invests in Customer Experience

Axiell improves customer experience by investing in new customer support portal that will be used to service all Axiell customers worldwide

Lund, Sweden, 14 June 2018 – Axiell, the leading technology supplier to the cultural sector, today announces that the company has invested in new customer support portal to service their global customer base.

Axiell has grown significantly in recent years, and throughout the company’s history has integrated 14 different companies into the Axiell Group, each with loyal and varied customer bases. The investment to improve customer experience, made at the group level, demonstrates the company’s focus on ensuring that integration of the business provides tangible benefits for the end users of the products.

The company has selected a new customer services technology which will be implemented throughout 2018 to improve customer experience for Axiell customers globally.

“Being close to the customer is one of our core values, and this investment represents a commitment to ensuring that all our customers globally, no matter what region, language or solution can count on the same high standard of service from us. Across Axiell we’re prioritizing integration and knowledge sharing – and the implementation of this system represents an exciting step towards this goal. This step will allow us for the first time to bring together previously separate customer communities into one system with one shared set of standards.” – Joel Sommerfeldt, CEO, Axiell

The new system provides a significant step forward in support handling for Axiell and customers will benefit from improved visibility and access to information as a result of this investment.

The new Axiell Customer Support Portal will allow all Axiell’s software users to more easily log support requests, check service status, request services, make suggestions for enhancements, and will allow Axiell to implement best practice customer support processes consistently across all software solutions.

“During the past year, we have been working intensively to increase the quality of our support work, and as we switch support portals, we also roll out common work processes and new routines for our support at a global level.” – Cecilia Broberg, Customer Services Manager, Public Libraries, Axiell

The system will be rolled out region by region throughout 2018 and 2019 and customers will be sent instructions and timelines for the switch over as the transition process is managed. Customers can learn more about the functionality and benefits of the system on the Axiell website here and further announcements will be made throughout the year

Learn more about the system here

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Cecilia Broberg, Customer Services Manager, Public Libraries, Axiell
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