Axiell Launch Trend – Powerful Analytics for Library Management

We are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new library analytics solution. Axiell Trend is a powerful analytics and reporting tool that turns ‘Big Data’ into simple, actionable insight for fast, evidence-based decision making.

It is a core part of the Axiell Digital Library and delivers detailed insight through our open and secure cloud platform.

With business cases in public libraries driven by hard data, it is critical that decisions are based on accurate, timely and comprehensive information; information that is up-to-date and easy to understand.

What will Axiell Trend offer you?

Trend will help you plan for your library’s future. In today’s digital world, online products and services are creating huge volumes of data; by harnessing the power of that data you could transform your library.

Trend offers simple evidence for smart decisions; it lets library staff identify and act on critical issues quickly and accurately. At Axiell, we believe that simplicity leads to better outcomes and the simplicity of Trend means that any member of the team can use it and contribute to the smooth running of the library, with minimal training.

This powerful application offers a number of tangible business benefits, most notably:

  • More efficient stock management
  • Faster, evidence-based decision making
  • Greater collaboration, which facilitates greater innovation
  • Granular understanding of your library service and the library patron

What does Trend deliver?

Secure, open and cloud-based, Trend brings together a powerful analytics engine, the ability to view built-in and bespoke reports, library management system integration, a stock management module, as well as a recommendations engine for an improved content discovery experience for library patrons.

  • Cloud-based; access data from anywhere
  • Set and manage targets that matter to you
  • Save time choosing from a range of pre-existing reports or request bespoke reports
  • Benchmark data against others in your class

Axiell Trend is a modular solution, with three modules available – the Trend Starter Pack, Trend Stock Management Hub, and Trend Recommendations Engine – which gives users the flexibility to tailor a solution that suits their needs and the needs of their library.

Trend delivers more than just analytics, it is an open, secure and scalable platform that will help you understand your patron, understand your service, and focus on the critical issues.

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