The Ratamo Library Consortium Chooses Library System from Axiell

The Ratamo library consortium consists of four municipalities, Hausjärvi, Hyvinkää, Nurmijärvi and Riihimäki, with a total of 126,407 inhabitants. The library consortium has chosen to maintain their library functions with Axiell Aurora library management system.

Helsinki, Finland May 2 2017 – Axiell, the leading vendor to libraries in Europe, today announces that the Ratamo Library Consortium has chosen Aurora, a library management system from Axiell, through a public tender process.  The decision to purchase was based on price and quality score. An agreement was signed on 25 April 2017 and the library management system will be installed by the end of 2017.

Mervi Jokinen, the Library Director of Hyvinkää City Library, commented: “After signing the agreement, we were pleased with our selection. Now, we are a step closer to the deployment of a new library system. The system will enable the future provision of new services to customers such as self-service. Still, much work remains to be done before the new library management system is in use.”

Library consortium means cooperation between two or more of the libraries, which can be across the municipal and administrative boundaries. The most common form of cooperation is a shared library system.

Axiell Aurora is a versatile library managing system which has been developed in Finland. Browser-based system provides to library professionals a flexible tool to maintain the various functions in library. The system supports a variety of interfaces and is customizable personalized usage needs. Axial Aurora library system is marked as a Key Flag product. The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) can be awarded to a product manufactured or a service produced in Finland.

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Mervi Jokinen, Director of Library, Hyvinkää City Library

Tel. +358 19 459 2426,
Maria Wasing, CMO, Axiell Group AB

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