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EMu: Data migration workshop

Ben Doty Software Consultant

To enable Project Managers, Information Management support staff, and Collection Managers to become familiar with the functionality of EMu at a user level and to understand the issues involved with migrating data from a legacy system to EMu.


This workshop is only available as in-house training as it is specific to the data migration needs of individual customers. A one to two day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a PC running the EMu client, an appropriate browser and other relevant desktop applications. PCs are networked to a server machine on which the EMu server and database engine are installed. Each attendee has access to a complete EMu system, including extensive sample data, and the material taught is reinforced by exercises using this system.

Course outline

  • Data migration process
  • What is Data Migration?
  • Summary of Data Migration Process?
  • Skills required

Introduction to EMu

  • What are the EMu modules?
  • What are the key elements of EMu?
  • Overview of the EMu interface
  • Navigation

Searching for records

  • Simple queries
  • Multiple term queries
  • Advanced query mechanisms

Adding, Editing and Attaching Records in EMu

  • Adding records
  • Editing records
  • Attaching records
  • Saving and validating records
  • Manipulating Data in EMu
  • Sorting records
  • Grouping records
  • Deleting and discarding records
  • Generating reports

Multimedia repository

  • Overview of the multimedia repository
  • Viewing multimedia resources
  • Adding multimedia resources
  • Multimedia in other modules

Using the Edit functions

  • Spell check function
  • Global replace function

Mapping workshop

  • Data Entry Exercise
  • Post Migration Tasks


No classroom dates are scheduled, but courses can be booked in house.

Course type Course
Price On request On request
Trainer Ben Doty Ben Doty
Ben has worked for Axiell as a trainer since 2016, delivering online, on-site, and in-office trainings on an ever-increasing number of Axiell products. In addition, he assists with testing, performs data migrations, consults on new products, writes documentation, and helps out anywhere else necessary.

Ben came to Axiell from a heritage background, working and volunteering at many museums and archives, as well as pursuing a degree in Museum Studies, giving him an understanding of how customers are trying to use Axiell products that he uses to improve training.

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