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Mimsy XG – Showing it off: Introduction to reporting

David Forster Product Consultant

Often, you will need to share data with people who do not have access to your Axiell system and the best way to do that is in the form of reports. Using practical examples, this course covers the best ways to assemble, sort, and prepare data from within the system and then to use the external programs necessary to shape that data into a pleasing and readable form.

Once your data is in Mimsy XG, an extremely useful way to share or present your collection data is in the form of reports. Using Crystal Reports, the industry standard for reporting, this course provides participants with step by step instructions on how to efficiently grapple with large amounts of data and transform records in Mimsy XG into useful reports.

Curatorial staff, registrars, conservators, managers, exhibition coordinators, and anyone who needs to share information with non-Mimsy XG users, will learn the skills necessary to leverage their collection data in the form of handy and professional reports. Classes may be scheduled together or separately. Attendees in the Advanced Reporting class should master the concepts in the Introduction to Reporting class before enrolling in Advanced Reporting.


We can come to you and run sessions at your location for you and your team, anywhere in the UK, or you can take part in our scheduled classes below.


Course type Course
Price Classes: £275 Classes: £275
In house sessions are £900 per day plus travel expenses
Duration 1 day 1 day
Trainer David Forster David Forster
David has worked for Adlib then Axiell since 2001first as a trainer then as a product consultant. He developed the training run at Axiell offices that is now offered as standard within the UK.

He started as the trainer for Adlib and has helped in many roles wherever necessary, building an extensive knowledge of the Adlib product. He is now working mainly on project delivery work as well as covering the basic Mimsy XG training.

[The course] ran at a nice steady pace, allowing us to all ask questions and leave feeling that the day was successful.

Caroline Lockwood, Leicestershire County Council Leicestershire County Council, Leicester

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