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Spark acquisitions basics

Acquisitions administration

A review of supplier, budget and system settings for more senior stock services staff.


Manual title requisitions and a review of the EDI quotes process, including workflows, authorisation and order generation.

Modify and cancel orders

Searching for and modifying orders, including cancelling and supplier notices.

Manual receipting & invoicing

How to make adjustments when receipting, completing invoices and the handling of credit notes.

EDI receipting & invoice handling

An overview of the EDI invoice process and how to manage them, including the quick item EDI receipt function.

Bulk orders

The creation, receipt and payment of covering orders for which multiple titles are received.

Miscellaneous orders

The creation, receipt and payment of orders not related to any title details

Subscription points

This training bundle is part of our staff development subscription service. For more information on training subscriptions, view the subscriptions page.

Course type Course
Price 24-30 Subscription points 24-30 Subscription points
Remote training - 24 points
In house training - 30 points
Duration 2 days 2 days

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