Axiell training

Spark circulation basics

Aimed at users new to the Spark Circulation functions.

‘Borrower management’

How to search, create, copy and modify borrower records, linking guarantors, transferring to new tickets and delete.

‘Item management’

How to search, create, copy and modify item records transferring to new barcodes and delete.

‘Bulk check-out’

The issuing of hire and non-hire items, exceptions handling and non-standard due dates.

‘Bulk check-in’

How to manage returns, including exceptions and fines.


The renewal of items with and without exceptions, including hire charges and fines.

‘Circulation via borrower summary screen’

The use of the integrated screen for check-in/out, renew, reservation checking and account handling.

Subscription points

This training bundle is part of our staff development subscription service. For more information on training subscriptions, view the subscriptions page.

Course type Course
Price 24-30 Subscription points 24-30 Subscription points
Remote training - 24 points
In house training - 30 points
Duration 2 days 2 days

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