Watch: Axiell Collections New Feature Highlight

The new Axiell Collections 1.18 release is out, bringing with it new options and shortcuts...

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Coventry Libraries and Information Service Case Study: Moving from V-smart to Spark

Coventry Libraries and Information Service has recently gone live with Axiell Spark, Axiell’s browser-based library...

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Axiell to Deliver Modern and Innovative Library Software to Libraries NI, in Partnership with Fujitsu

Axiell Spark and Arena will serve library staff and communities across all of Northern Ireland...

By Tom Gregory March 21, 2023

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Axiell Spark at London Borough of Lambeth Libraries

Watch: How Axiell Spark is Helping Make User Journeys More Efficient at London Borough of...

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Axiell’s Integrated MuseTech Ecosystem Chosen by The Historic New Orleans Collection

Axiell’s collections management and collections online platforms will integrate seamlessly with the institution’s current digital...

By Rielle Ullberg November 1, 2021

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Recording: Axiell's Digital Ecosystem & Guide to Public Engagement/Access

Learn how Axiell is supporting the move from siloed technologies towards an integrated digital ecosystem....

By Rielle Ullberg June 14, 2021

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Library of Congress chooses Axiell’s collections management system for audiovisual materials

The Library will leverage Axiell Collections to help preserve and manage over 6,000,000 objects in...

By Axiell August 19, 2020

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Watch: Arena Tips & Tricks

Watch: Arena Tips & Tricks, Recorded Live from the Axiell Virtual User Conference Join product...

By Tom Gregory July 6, 2020

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Watch: UK Public Libraries Introduction to the Virtual User Conference

Watch: UK Public Libraries Introduction, Recorded Live from the Axiell Virtual User Conference Join Ian...

By Tom Gregory July 6, 2020

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How Arena Customers Can Engage Customers During Lockdown & Beyond

Tips for Arena Customers During Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond During the Covid-19 Pandemic, keeping your...

By rebecka April 23, 2020

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