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Adlib has evolved into Axiell Collections

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Adlib has evolved into Axiell Collections

For over 30 years the Adlib development team has created market leading collections management software. In recent years it became clear that modern cultural institutions require more flexible and accessible software that can be managed through the web and accessed away from the desk.

To address this need the Adlib development team took the best of the Adlib software and evolved it into modern, web-based software for existing and new customers alike. We named this new and improved version Axiell Collections.

Boasting all the features that have made Adlib popular throughout the years, but with a modern web-based interface, Axiell Collections represents the next generation of collections management software.

It’s a huge benefit that we can work remotely. We are not dependent on the hardware that is stored in the Museum. I can also give other people access, such as volunteers and students of the Reinwardt Academy, who will help out with the upcoming collection management tasks. One intern recently had an accident and could only work from home. With Axiell Collections she can still do her job thanks to the online service.

Anna Stolyarova, Museum Director Street Art Museum, Amsterdam

We still have a thriving community of Adlib Users

We continue to offer full support, training and services to all of our Adlib customers. Adlib users are a large and integral part of our Axiell customer community and play an active part in our events and activities. 

As more Adlib customers upgrade to Axiell Collections the user base will gradually become our Axiell Collections user base.

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