Spark & Arena for Consortia

Consortia working in a way that suits you

Highly-flexible, cloud-based library management system, developed in the UK and configurable to include the requirements of all your consortia members and services.

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How Spark and Arena work for your consortium

Highly flexible

Meet the requirements of all your consortia members & services

Agree to disagree, every member of the consortium can have a tailored configuration, giving you a system that meets everyone’s requirements, down to details such as borrower and item categories and loan rules.


A solution that can grow with your evolving needs

A trusted solution for library organisations of all sizes, from single branch libraries, to multi-authority consortia and national library services. Include all of your services in one solution; public libraries, school library services, prison libraries, hospital libraries and local colleges.

Role-base permissions

Share services in a way that works for you

Spark enables you to streamline work across areas such as stock management and system administration. Each user can be set up to view and edit specific modules and functionality within the system, e.g. just their authority, a group of authorities or all authorities.

Online Discovery

A modern and engaging site for your library services

Whether a consortia wide site, or a site for each member’s brand (or both!), Arena will provide your service with a modern, intuitive home on the web. Arena gives your users a simple way to discover content, and gives you a modern way to promote your services.

Axiell Arena

Built to UK Requirements

Developed & supported in the UK

Spark is developed and supported in the UK and built to UK library requirements, making it especially positioned to meet the needs of UK consortia. Working out of our UK offices in Nottingham and Manchester, our teams are local, accessible and have a personal approach.


Why choose Spark


Configure roles and permissions to give staff a range of access levels, in a single authority, multiple authorities or for the whole consortium.


Control and view all aspects of circulation. Manage your relationship between borrowers and stock with a visually intuitive interface.


Manage and monitor your acquisition spending. Connect to your suppliers through the Axiell EDI hub all from within Axiell Spark.


Choice of cataloguing options and search criteria for managing your library stock.

Cash management

From payment to banking, manage payments online or within the branch.

Management information

Monitor and track performance across the consortium. Run reports on consortia, authority and branch levels.

Stock Management Hub

Enables staff to examine stock usage or to set conditions (for grubby and ‘dead’ unused items) and targets for stock conditions at consortia, authority and branch levels.

Spark works with

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