Installation view of Susan Point: Spindle Whorl, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2017

Vancouver Art Gallery Chooses Axiell Collections to Manage Diverse Visual Arts Collection

Vancouver Art Gallery chooses Axiell Collections to manage their collection of over 12,500 art works, and becomes one of Axiell’s first full stack customers with the additional adoption of Axiell’s recently acquired digital engagement platform, CultureConnect.

Toronto, Canada, 1 December 2020 – Axiell, the world’s leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, announces that Vancouver Art Gallery has chosen its collections management platform, Axiell Collections, to manage their collection of over 12,500 art works. Vancouver Art Gallery’s collection is the most comprehensive resource for visual culture in British Columbia, featuring historical and contemporary art by Canadian and international artists. Special attention is given to the accomplishments of Indigenous artists, as well as to those of the Asia Pacific region—through the Institute of Asian Art founded in 2014.

Vancouver Art Gallery chose Axiell because of the company’s commitment to investing heavily in product development. As a highly customizable and cost-effective solution, Axiell Collections is the perfect fit for the Gallery. Standout features of the solution include its innovative user interface, strong technical backend, simple report building process, and its equal focus on exhibitions, loans, and cataloguing objects.

Susan Sirovyak, Registrar at Vancouver Art Gallery says, “After a lengthy search for a new collections management system, Vancouver Art Gallery is thrilled to announce that we have selected Axiell Collections. Seeking a web-based, easy-to-use, and powerful collections management system that offered integrative opportunities for future growth, we have found the solution with Axiell Collections.”

As galleries face increasing pressure to transform digitally, Vancouver Art Gallery was further enticed by Axiell’s recent acquisition of the digital engagement platform, CultureConnect. The acquisition establishes Axiell as the cultural sector’s first full stack solution and positions the company to meet customers’ evolving demands for technology. As both a CultureConnect and Axiell Collections user, Vancouver Art Gallery will enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end technology suite with systems that speak to each other.

Amanda Roy, ALM North America Regional Manager of Axiell Group, comments, “We are excited to welcome Vancouver Art Gallery to our user community. We are pleased to support their work with a fully connected, sustainable and scalable technology platform which will enhance their ability to bring visual art and rich cultural history to their local and global community.”

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Photo: Installation view of Susan Point: Spindle Whorl, Vancouver Art Gallery, 2017

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