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The Leading Collection Management System

Axiell ALM (Archives, Libraries & Museums) provides the leading system for Collections Management, Archives and Special Libraries. Preserving, managing and sharing cultural heritage is invaluable to society. As the leading provider of Museum systems & collections management software solutions globally, we are proud to be a part of preserving history.

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Recently acquired french museums and archive solutions specialist, we are pleased to announce and welcome Mobydoc to Axiell Group.

Axiell France (Mobydoc)

Library Management Software

We provide innovative end-to-end technology solutions and services for public libraries that facilitate the role librarians play in stimulating reading, life-long learning and community services for citizens. And just as important, we guide our clients through their digital transformation. Go to any of our following subsidiaries to read more about how we can help just you, in your country.

Axiell Denmark

Axiell Finland

Axiell Norway

Axiell Sweden

Axiell UK & Ireland

Axiell France

Axiell Germany – Axiell Group recently acquired BiBer GmbH, read the press release here

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WeLearn & WeLib – Education Platforms for the future

Axiell Education provide cloud based educational solutions and platforms intended for both teachers and students. Tied to the curriculum, it is easy to search, share, collect and publish the schools digital resources in the appropriate educational context

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Axiell Media and Elib – Digital Media Platform

Axiell Media provides an automated solution for publishers, retailers and libraries which makes it easy to manage digital media. The plattform connects to publishers and readers through retail channels, libraries, global content platforms, distributors and subscription services for audio/e-books. All with built-in customised reporting for complete control.

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Expert management of Life Event Certification, Identity Protection and Certificate Issuance. Axiell Registries + Vital Records software allows governments and authorities to easily manage the operations of their vital statistics agencies.

Visit the Axiell Vital Records website for more information

Axiell Library and Collections Management

Securing knowledge for the future

Axiell is a global company operating at the cross section between the IT and cultural sectors. To date nearly 70,000 of our solutions are in use within Libraries, Museums, Schools and Archives. We enable reading, research, collaboration and the creation of the knowledge society; all fields of great importance.

We have a responsibility to meet both the broad needs of the industry, and the specific needs of different clients. With this in mind, we are committed to innovating and developing the world’s best solutions for our customers. 

We ensure that past and present knowledge informs the future.

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Times change, and we change with them

The Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, consists of more than 310 employees in more than 24 countries, with customers in 55 different countries. Together, we serve libraries, schools, archives, museums and authorities with technically advanced and innovative solutions.

Axiell is one of the world’s largest companies in these sectors and provides several market leading solutions. Read more in our Business Area Section 

Updates on the blog

Our latest updates on the blog. To read the whole blog, please visit the blog page.

IFLA Columbus 2016 and the Trend report

Key takeaways from IFLA 2016 by Boris Zetterlund, Senior Advisor at Axiell The IFLA Congress is a meeting place more than a conference. There are meetings from early morning to late evening in the vast [...]


A central tenet in the development of Axiell Spark was giving libraries the full functionality of the library management system wherever they are, in the library or out in the community. This is now being realised and [...]

Digital transformation in the museum industry

The status of digital transformation in the museum industry 2016 and using digitalisation to increase visibility Download the full PDF report here. Digital transformation can take many forms, from enabling museum visitors to use smartphones or [...]

Swedish Book Fair – September 22-23 2016

As usual during the Book Fair we offer lots of exciting lectures in our booth in the library lounge D:04 You will get to listen to both professionals from corporations, research and public libraries. Do [...]


LIBRARY DATA & THE CHANGE OF FOCUS Visiting the recent Leipzig Library Conference, talking to Queens Library, the manager of OBA Public Library in Amsterdam or reading the library guru R D Lankes’ thoughts, you see the [...]


Sven Totté, Director for Business Area Public Library, Axiell: The world is constantly changing and adapting to new technologies. Understanding these digital trends and identifying tomorrow’s expectations is essential for libraries to plan and incorporate new [...]