Your invite to the 2019 Public Library User Groups. Join us in Nottingham, Glasgow, Exeter or Crawley!

Your invite to the 2019 Public Library User Groups. Join us in Nottingham, Glasgow, Exeter or Crawley!

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Axiell Internet Server

Publish and share your content with the world

Publish your collections online with our fully responsive technology, Axiell Internet Server

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Works on any modern device

Ensure your site can be viewed by everyone

With our web publishing tools your site is fully responsive and can be viewed using any modern device.

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Adaptable styling

Tailor the image of your site to fit your identity

The look of your website is important to your organization’s public image. The appearance of the Axiell Internet Server (AIS) pages can be tailored to suit your house style, making it easy to integrate the AIS pages with your existing website.

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Easy and accessible

Adapt the site for different audiences

Your website may be used by many different audiences: researchers, students, your own staff or members of the public, each with different requirements. That’s why the Internet Server provides many different search options, as well as different presentation options for search results.


Engage your audience

We include tools to help your audience interact with your site. Users can tag and apply keywords to database records, and a comments function allows you to invite users to leave feedback and review database materials.

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Safe and secure

Protect the integrity of your collections data

Collections Management Systems may contain sensitive information, such as valuation details, personal names and addresses. The Axiell Internet Server only displays the information that you want to make public. You retain complete control over access to your data.

Why choose Axiell Internet Server?

Fully equipped to handle digital assets

Multimedia, including images, video and audio, can be presented along with associated metadata. Video and audio clips can be managed and played.

Customizable search options

Users can choose from a range of search options based on their requirements, from simple searches to advanced and expert.

Style in your own image

We understand that your online presence needs to be unique, which is why you can style your internet server collections pages as you like, adding a theme that best matches your institution’s image.

Always supported

Once your new system is up and running, you can take out a support contract which provides on-going help and support. Our maintenance contract provides regular upgrades of our software to ensure your system stays up-to-date.

The API opens a world of possibilities

A powerful tool for interacting with our databases, you can share metadata with digital asset management systems (DAMS) or serve data for use in web applications, e-commerce or mobile applications.

Unlock your full potential

Our software is easy to use but rich in functionality. Our training courses can help you get to grips with many of the functions which will help you in your daily work. We have courses available for all experience levels, from beginner to application manager.

Whats works with Axiell Internet Server

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