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Making knowledge accessible to the world is an important role played by cultural and knowledge organizations. Digital experiences and physical visits should support each other, making it easy to interact with an institution locally and globally.

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Publish your collections online

Ensure that the public and researchers can engage with your digital content online and easily search and navigate your collection information.

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Organize and plan events and exhibitions

Organize and manage events and exhibitions to attract visitors to your institution.

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Engage with visitors to your institution

Engage with the visiting public by making your collections accessible through devices and self-service technology.

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We are devoting a great deal of energy to data conversion projects and digitizing the collections, which we have made available in various places, including outside the museum. There are approximately 270,000 records searchable on the Museums’ website via Collections Online, and coming soon will be approximately 130,000 new records of old negatives which have been made available as part of a data conversion project, displaying a mixture of vessels, events, and wrecks. To the certain delight of researchers, we will be adding another 10,000 images.

Jonathan Williamson, Collections Information Manager, National Maritime Museum National Maritime Museum

We had a lot of information that we needed to store in a very logical way, and we wanted to make that available to the public. For the first time in the Hall’s 140-year history we were able to make that history public.

Suzanne Keyte, Archivist, Royal Albert Hall Royal Albert Hall

We want to ensure that we can present relevant and educational information to our visitors, both when they visit the museum or when they come to one of our screenings and online. That means that we want to manage our whole collection and the one million objects that we have, from film to library to archive. Axiell’s solution allows us to achieve that with an up-to-date technology, which was one of the main reasons for our choice.

Jean Gagnon, Director of Preservation and Access to Collections La Cinémathèque québécoise

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