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Ways Axiell Can Support You

If you are applying for a grant to fund a project with Axiell, we take a consultative and collaborative approach to support you in this process!

Reach Out to Us

Writing a Letter and Providing Project Details

A letter from your vendor(s) explaining how they will support you in your work can instill confidence that the requirements for the grant will be met. We can also provide detailed project information and timelines to show how you can deploy and optimize the technology within the performance period.

Reviewing Your Proposal

If you’re submitting a proposal about an Axiell product, we can offer suggestions based on our experience reviewing hundreds of grant proposals, provide clarity around the product, and concretely explain how our tools will enable you to achieve the grant goals. This demonstrates how prepared you are to embark on the project.

Making Connections with Other Users

Demonstrating how your project will foster collaboration between institutions is a great way to strengthen your grant proposal. Our community contains thousands of galleries, libraries, archives and museums across the globe. We can help you make connections with other institutions and form partnerships to expand your project goals and become more appealing to funders.


The Ultimate Museum Grant Guide

Grant competition has never been more fierce. You need to choose the right grants, write a stellar application, and push through roadblocks. Our guide gives you everything you need to succeed. This guide is written with a North American perspective but the advice is still widely applicable.


Watch: Grantsmanship Discussion Panel – Everything you need for successful grant writing

We’ve assembled a team of funding pros willing to share their coveted grantsmanship tips and tricks! Watch and learn from this expert panel.


Recording: IMLS Grants and Funding Masterclass

Grant writing expert, Robert Flood, presents an overview of upcoming IMLS grants and funding (United States), with tips on what to include and how to write a strong application.


Book Free Consultation with a Grant Writing Expert

Hi I’m Robert Flood. I specialise in aligning public funding and grants to cultural heritage, museum and art projects and clients of all sizes by building solid relationships and targeted outcomes.

I help organisations leverage grant funding to build technology-rich projects, increase public engagement and explore new ways of working sustainably. My objective is to make my clients’ projects become a reality while driving innovation and technology in critical areas such as moving to Net Zero and the data economy.

Originally from the UK, I have lived in France, Italy, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands and have recently moved back to the UK. I am a global citizen with a keen knowledge of how to help organisations of all sizes grow and thrive in the world of today. Mother tongue English, I speak fluent French, Italian and German and have a good reading knowledge of Dutch and Spanish.

Book a chat with me to learn more about how I can help you successfully obtain funding for your next project!

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