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Data management

Managing data plays a large part in successfully implementing and maintaining your new software. We can help you with this.

Data Migration

We’ll help you migrate your data

We are data migration experts. We will work with you to migrate your data and configure it to be usable in your new system.

We understand the importance of an accurate and complete migration of data, and we know how to achieve this. We apply a rigorous and proven process to identify all legacy data sources and map each element of each data source to the appropriate place in our system. We impose an intensive testing regime before delivering a system to you for acceptance testing.

We can migrate from a range of legacy systems, or alternatively help you import data from spreadsheets and other sources.

Data Cleaning

We help clean your data

If left unchecked, bad data can cripple a system and frustrate users internally and online. We provide data cleaning services to ensure you get value from your software.

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