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Why partner with Axiell

When you purchase new software, you’re not just buying technology, you’re entering a relationship with the software vendor. We take our relationships with customers seriously. Here’s what we have to offer.

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We’re actively developing our products

Our product development is driven by the needs of over 11,000 customers and we invest heavily in the development of our product portfolio. As your industry evolves, so does the software that supports you.

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Real relationships and support

We’re a medium sized company that has grown from many smaller companies and we have a culture which values building real and lasting relationships with customers.

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You’ll join a large and varied community of customers

When you buy a solution from Axiell, you join one of the largest communities of cultural institutions, libraries and schools in the world. You’ll have many opportunities to interact with others in the community and to share ideas and best practice.

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We’re experts in technology, culture and knowledge

We are experts in technology and software, but also in the culture and knowledge sectors. Many of our staff came from these sectors. We know how our customers work and we work closely with them to understand their changing needs, as well as trends and developments in the market.

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We’re helping to facilitate collaboration across industries

We work with museums, schools, libraries, archives, publishers and retailers, all of whom have a goal of sharing knowledge and learning with the public. We’re uniquely positioned to create connections between these industries to help them achieve this goal.

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We’re a secure partner for the future

We’ve been growing consistently for over 30 years and have a secure future ahead. We support over 11,300 customers across 55 countries, and have offices in 15 countries. Once you’ve chosen us as your software partner, we’re here to support you for the long run.

What people who work with us say

I find that my job is a lot easier if I know the customers individually, face to face. I love the idea of sharing knowledge and being the facilitator of sharing knowledge.

James Byrne, Customer Support, Axiell Axiell

I find it really useful to find out what other people are working on and where we might have common ground, and who to get in touch with about things we might be considering; and also to get some tips and tricks about how I might want to use the system.

Louise McAward-White, Collections Systems Specialist at the BFI British Film Institute

If you’re realistic about what can be achieved, then they are in a position where they will listen to you and they will respond, and they will involve you and it feels to me like that is very much the way they are going. And I think that that’s an exceptionally positive move.

Esther Gregory, Virtual Library Manager – Customer Driven Innovation, Bedfordshire Libraries Bedfordshire Libraries

They’re very engaged with us, so that’s huge. That builds a huge amount of trust that whatever you bring to them, they will listen to you.

Kirsty Cox interview
Kirsty Cox, Research Librarian for Digital Materials Alexander Turnbull Library

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