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Improve learning

Improve student learning with digital solutions that facilitate the learning process.

The modern school has many different resources and syllabuses to manage. Having a clear overview of all available resources, as well as digital tools for student engagement, helps students, teachers and school librarians work together towards improved learning for everyone.

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How our solutions improve learning

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Digital media

Provide both digital and physical reading material and audio

Enhance the student learning experience by providing access to e-books, audio books and your library catalogue in one place.

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Manage all in one place

Consolidate your learning resources

Facilitate learning by creating a central and accessible repository for all your school library resources and educational materials.

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Collaborative working

Facilitate collaboration between teachers, librarians and students

Help teachers, librarians and students work more closely together. Provide tools that support the learning process and allow everyone to create collections of both physical and digital resources, as well as publish their own material.

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Set tasks

Facilitate individual and group learning tasks

Teachers can create learning tasks for individual students or for a class, follow up on set tasks and interact with students directly in a modern interface.

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Quality assess your resources

Gain an understanding of how your resources are used and make informed decisions on how to increase engagement.

What our customers say

The range of books is limited in some schools outside the central areas. We wanted to increase especially the reading comprehension of our students, and with WeLib we will be able to increase the accessibility to literature and also be able to personalize using the technology.

Agneta Hedenström, digital developer for primary school in Luleå, Sweden Luleå Municipality

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