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Environmental policy

Axiell Group wishes to be perceived as an environmentally conscious and respected company and partner. We also wish to make an active contribution to sustainable development by reducing energy consumption and continually improving environmental conditions in our company.

This means that we will:

Cut down our heat and electricity consumption

by introducing more energy savings as using low energy light bulbs and

Increase energy efficiency whenever it is possible

Implement waste separation further

And store waste safely and securely, ensuring it is collected and disposed of by an authorised agent or recycled if possible

Reduce our travel activities

By implementing a video conference system and making use of telephone conferences

Reduce the CO2 emissions

By aiming to purchase eco-friendly company cars and using eco-friendly fuel if possible

Ask for eco-friendly goods and services

wherever it is possible at our suppliers and sub-contractors.

Ensure information about Axiell’s environmental policy to all employees

By promoting a sense of responsibility also in areas of environmental policy, and by making certain that all of them comply with Axiell’s environmental policy

Comply with current environmental legislation

As a minimum.