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Imagine a class of fifth graders learning about dinosaurs. With our cross-sector solutions it would be possible to not only to generate 3D prints of bones and teeth, but also instantly find accurate and useful information from the the most relevant museums, instead of having to visit each site – and try to gather what’s of most use. 

Axiell is organised into business areas, and each business area works very closely with their customers, but also in collaboration with each other to find synergies and create innovative solutions. 

Merging the knowledge, functions and experience from different business areas enables us to continuously improve our offer and its benefits to the end user; curious visitors, researchers, students, teachers and public citizens. 


To be the first choice partner for archives, public and school libraries, museums and for authorities in the world, in their mission to build a digital, interactive, collaborative and secure knowledge society.



We respect and take responsibility towards our customers and each other in an open and honest way.


We believe in knowledge sharing across the organisation and with our customers. An open dialogue and mind engages and motivates both team members and customers.


We need to be in the forefront and seek possibilities to find creative solutions. We strive to have a creative and transparent working environment to encourage innovative ideas.


We walk that extra mile for our customers and team members. We work close to the customers to understand their needs and challenges so that we can meet the demands now and in the future. We listen and adapt.


Without joy in what we do there will be no success. We encourage the positive atmosphere where we enjoy the success of our colleagues and customers.