CultureConnect Pricing

Use our no-code platform to build mobile guides, in-gallery touchscreens, and web experiences. Engage visitors with accessible, beautiful, and memorable digital experiences.

Pricing information includes:

  1. Annual subscription fees for mobile guide, in-gallery, and touchscreen annual subscription
  2. Enterprise pricing for institutions seeking museum-wide digital solutions
  3. Introduction to project management services if your team wants to tap into our expertise

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CultureConnect Features

Explore the features that archives, libraries, and museums are deploying to visitors internationally.

  • Hardcoded accessibility rules ensure compliance
  • Responsive design enables multi-channel and multi-device distribution
  • Ability to gate content for controlled access and monetization
  • Supports multimedia (Integrate images, video, audio, 3D scans, 360 tours, playlists, and more)
  • Start small, and scale by integrating with collection, ticketing, membership and way-finding platforms
  • User-friendly platform expedites onboarding and production timelines

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