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Axiell Collections

Helps you catalogue, manage and care for your collection items

  • Catalogue collections to international standards
  • Easily search and find objects or groups of objects in your collection
  • Store, search and present in Arabic and multiple other languages
  • Manage accessions, acquisitions and loans
  • Manage events and exhibitions
  • Analyse and report on your collections
  • Manage item conservation and condition checks

Learn more about Axiell Collections here.

Axiell Internet Server

Publish your collections online and increase the profile of your collections

Axiell Internet Server is the web publishing software which integrates with Axiell Collections.

You can publish collections from your database online to increase reach and engagement. Publishing your collections online can allow more visitors and users to find and work with your institution, and raise the profile of your museum.

You can use Axiell Internet Server to integrate fully with your existing website, using the API, or you can install a simple version of the collection which can be themed to match your institution’s brand.

A simple solution to publish collections online quickly and easily



Axiell DAMS

Manage and protect your institution’s digital assets

  • Manage all your institution’s digital assets in one place
  • Manage images, video, audio, documents and more
  • Search, filter and refine results easily
  • Upload and download assets quickly and easily
  • Ensure digital preservation through micro-services

Learn more about Axiell DAMS here


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