Malmö City chooses digital school library solution from Axiell to enable modern learning

Malmö is investing to ensure that the municipality’s goals for learning and reading are realized. The city has chosen Welib, a digital, cloud-based school library solution from Axiell Education, for its 50,000 students. The need for teachers and students to be able to rapidly find relevant information that matches the demands of the curriculum and goals for learning has increased. The investment in a school library solution for modern learning is made in order to further support the teachers, offer all students a solid educational platform and ensure the realization of the national targets for reading capabilities.

WeLib offers tools for teachers, school librarians and students. Students can build a personal reading room and rate, review and share their favorite books with their friends. In this way, students can actively take responsibility for their own reading targets and become more engaged in their reading. Teachers can easily create relevant collections based on a topic and link the collections to specific content in the curricula for each grade and subject.

– “The school can work in an interdisciplinary way and with the curriculum as the basis. Today, it is extremely important that teachers can easily find all the resources and digital tools available to the school and are able to use them in the classroom. We know from other customers that the school library is an important venue for fostering continuous learning and encouraging relevant reading”, says Eva Houltzén, Managing Director Axiell Education.

With the addition of the City of Malmö, 15% of Swedish students now have the school library solution, WeLib, from Axiell Education. The city of Stockholm, Linköping, and Trollhättan Municipality are among the municipalities that have chosen to implement a school library platform for modern learning.

– “We are pleased that Malmo has chosen to invest in school libraries. Reading should be pleasurable and WeLib works as a modern social platform for reading. Reading is an essential foundation for learning and is therefore something that students can benefit from throughout their lives” – Eva Houltzén, CEO continues.

Axiell serves libraries, schools, archives, museums and authorities with technically advanced and innovative solutions developed in close cooperation with its customers in 55 countries globally. More than 3000 library organizations with thousands of branches use an Axiell library management system and Axiell Arena, a tool for the virtual library. The systems for archives, libraries and museums, are used by over 3400 cultural institutions over the world. In addition, more than 3000 schools use an Axiell system. The Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, has more than 320 employees based out of 26 offices in Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Together, we form one of the world’s largest companies in these sectors.

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