The South Carolina State Museum partners with Axiell to manage their rich and diverse collections

Chicago, United States, October 11, 2017 – Axiell, the leading vendor globally of collections management software to archives, libraries and museums, today announced that its solution has been selected by the South Carolina State Museum to manage its extensive state-level collection.

The South Carolina State Museum holds over 80,000 items and over 200,000 specimens in its arts, history, natural history and science and technology collections and is now making strides to further its mission by making its rich and diverse collections more accessible online.

Founded in 1988, the State Museum is the primary storyteller of the history of South Carolina. The State Museum strives to honour the groundbreaking nature of its setting, providing both residents and visitors an in-depth picture of the state’s past, present and future.

Selected for its capacity to effectively manage very detailed collections data from a range of different collection specialities, Axiell’s collections management solution, EMu, will allow the South Carolina State Museum to centralise their records into one database, and allow them to efficiently capture more information with each accession than they had previously.

Once centralised and enriched, the collection can then be made available through the State Museum website as well as aggregates such as iDigBio, allowing the state’s rich history to be accessible worldwide to researchers, academics and the public.

“The two big points for us with a new database were to be able to capture more complete information for all our collections (including Natural History for the first time) and to bring the collections online for the public. Being a multi-disciplinary, general collecting museum gave us a complex set of data to capture, and we liked EMu’s ability to capture in detail all of our collections as well as enable us to publish those collections to a range of online sources including our own website. ” says Robyn Adams, Registrar, South Carolina State Museum.

In addition, the museum will be using the Integrated Pest Management module which allows collections managers and conservators to carefully manage and analyse trap and pest information museum-wide.

By selecting an Axiell solution, The South Carolina State Museum joins the largest CMS customer community in the world. Over 3400 cultural institutions around the world share best practices and knowledge through global events, online networks, research and reports.

Adam Schatz, Managing Director of Axiell ALM, said, “We’re delighted to welcome The South Carolina State Museum to the Axiell customer community. The museum’s mission to share their valuable collections information with the public will help preserve past knowledge for future generations and we look forward to welcoming them into our customer network and partner with them to help them realise their vision.”

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