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Axiell Group Business Areas

Axiell is a solution-oriented company which today serves and develops IT and web solutions for more than 9500 libraries, archives, museums and schools. We are proud of the work we do but we never stop challenging ourselves to be even more precise, faster and responsive.

Here you can read an overview of  how our solutions and management software serve different sectors. For more detailed information, you can continue on the Business Area websites or contact us directly with any queries. 

Public Libraries

To read is to travel. We want everyone to see the whole world.

Within Public Library, we enable librarians to provide the community services that their citizens want, when they want it and where they want it. We provide innovative end-to-end technology solutions and services for public libraries that facilitate the role librarians play in stimulating reading, life-long learning and community services for citizens. And just as important, we guide our clients through their digital transformation.

We help libraries to manage their move from building collections to actively promoting them. A move that will develop and promote reading, learning, creativity and the democratic aspect in their communities.

Fo us, Public Libraries are core institutions in society. As society evolves, so will libraries. Digital Media, new ways of engaging with the public citizens, the need for longer opening hours are examples of areas that are impacting the world of libraries. Our staff, many of which are librarians, have extensive knowledge gathered from more than 35 years in this segment. Knowledge that we  leverage when we develop new solutions for a digital first world. Solutions that will enable libraries to remain a core institution now and in the future.

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