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Axiell Group 

Axiell Group is the umbrella organisation and is divided into business areas: Axiell Public Library and Education, Axiell ALM (Archives, Libraries & Museums) and Axiell Media, delivering innovative solutions to the cultural sector globally. Axiell also serves its’ clients with Vital records management systems.

Axiell Group, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, has more than 300 employees and offices in 24 countries. Together we are one of the largest companies in the sectors we operate. To get a better picture of our Business Areas, visit the solutions page and read more on the respective site.

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Our History

Axiell’s journey to becoming a global market leader began in Sweden with the development of the BIBS library system. BIBS spread rapidly and was the market leader in Swedish public libraries by the end of the 1980s. At the beginning of the 1990s, Axiell led the development of graphic applications in library systems, graphic maps and graphic self-service programs.

In 1996, Axiell was one of the world’s first suppliers to launch a complete graphic local library system that implemented all of the established library standards. The two most prominent Nordic companies in the library IT sector at the time, Axiell Biblioteksystem AB and BTJ System AB, merged to become Axiell Bibliotek AB and were later joined by CSC’s Consulting Group’s Library Section.

In 2005 we established a joint venture with TietoEnator Library, and built the Finnish company TietoEnator Libraries Oy in Finland. In 2007 Axiell took over TietoEnator Libraries Oy, and later that year Axiell and the Finnish company Akateeminen Tietopalvelu ATP OY joined forces, and the Finnish Axiell company AB Axiell Kirjastot Oy obtained an even stronger position.

In April 2008 a fourth subsidiary was added when a merge with DS Ltd from the UK became reality. And in 2009 DS Ltd changed its name to Axiell Limited, which now operates in the UK. In January 2008 a new corporate structure was formed and Axiell Library Group AB was established as a parent company. Since 2013 the com­pany has consisted of three business areas – Axiell Public Library, Axiell Education & Media, and Axiell Archives & Museums. In 2013 we acquired Adlib Information Systems and Selago Design Inc. and in 2014 KE Software. In 2016 Axiell Group acquired Mobydoc in France, VITA product from Gold Systems Inc. in the US and Biber GmbH in Germany and continued its global expansion. All in all, we are now a company with more than 60 years of joint industry experience operating in more than 55 countries delivering innovative solutions to our customers.