Integrated Digital Asset Management for Museums and Archives

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Seamlessly connect and share collections data across your institution and platforms

A smarter way to digitise; an integrated digital asset management system (DAMS) creates the foundation for connected digital workflows that empower and streamline your institution.

Leverage integrated DAMS for:

  • A solution that fits right into your digitisation workflow

  • Synchronised metadata across the collection
  • Optimised efficiency and cross-team collaboration
  • Modular technology that can scale with needs

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Manage, preserve, and publish your digital assets

Bring together collections data and digital media to create the foundation for complete digital workflows using Axiell DAMS – Powered by Piction. With integrated digital asset management, enjoy these benefits:


Boost digitisation with smarter, more efficient management of digital assets


  • Simple and advanced search with support for thesaurus search and related image search
  • Manage assets from wherever you are. Clearly display rights or usage restrictions
  • Simple drag & drop web uploader for quick import of media
  • Ingest files of any type and save derivatives to multiple locations
  • Track changes to fields and audit user access


Preserve your collection for future generations


  • Work to OAIS standard with JHOVE & DROID integrations
  • Structure assets to suit your needs, whether linking pages of manuscripts or editions from a series
  • Metadata engine supports standards, including Dublin core, XMP, EXIF, IPTC, CDWA, and VRA
  • Leverage text, image and handwriting recognition for purposes like autotagging images


Create impactful narratives around your collections and exhibitions


  • View multimedia within the software and deep zoom on high-res images
  • Quickly edit images, create video snippets, add watermarks and more
  • Deliver digital content straight to the web, mobile or display
  • Shopping and payment functionality allows public to order digital copies
  • Integrates with key systems such as CRM, e-commerce and 3rd-party applications

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