Explore the future of CultureTech at our free digital event streaming June 11 & 13

Explore the future of CultureTech at our free digital event streaming June 11 & 13

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Building digital experiences for your customers

Axiell has partnered with CultureConnect to help institutions quickly and easily create immersive digital experiences. Clients can build mobile apps, in-gallery interactives, and online exhibits in the CultureConnect platform by directly accessing the data and media in their collection management system.

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Mobile guides & games

Create stunning mobile tours, guides and games that are fully customizable to suit your own brand and style. You are able to choose from a range of features, including wayfinding, image galleries, animated hotspots, social media and much more.

Kiosks & digital interactives

Create multimedia interactives for large screens, tablets and touch tables. Provide animated hotspots for visitors to explore your content deeper. We support all media formats and the simple design makes it easy for anyone to use.

There are a huge selection of template options, custom configurations, and design controls push your interactives to the next level.

Online interactives

Create and engage with audiences in-gallery, at home or in the classroom by building unique online exhibitions, special collections and research projects.

Online experiences help you understand and collect data on your users behavior. You are also able to display and track social media activity with live data visualization.


Building digital experiences with Axiell and Culture Connect

Images, audio, video, and 3D objects are all supported

Accessibility & multi-language support

Collect data on user behavior as well as results from interactive elements

Live data visualization

Customize map: Zoom in/out; Brand colors; topographic detail

Wayfinding: Zoomable and GPS-enabled maps and number keypad

Customize fonts and colors to reflect your brand

Advanced features inc. animated hotspots, commenting & more

"I am thrilled to see the integration between CultureConnect and our collections management system, Axiell's Mimsy XG. As we head into the 2020s, we have big plans to showcase more of our collections than ever before by producing engaging and evolving digital experiences. The seamless connection between these two platforms means that we can eliminate a great deal of redundancy in our work—allowing us to design and redesign on the fly, as needs change, without developing entirely new, siloed applications each time. Synching these two systems also means that the interpretive content we create can live on beyond any individual exhibit, as it is pushed into new projects or back into our CMS. This approach has the potential to greatly streamline our digital strategy over this next exciting decade!”

Angela K. Dietz, Director of Digital Initiatives Missouri Historical Society

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