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A library gets much of its value from its local area: a customer will primarily be interested in information about his town or village, his neighbourhood, his street. A library is not only a collection of customers and books, but offers its customers relevant information, independent of data carrier or storage location: photos, videos, sound, manuscripts, old prints and other digitized materials.

Iguana DAM is the solution for the management of those relevant materials. Storage, management, search, and presentation is provided via a well-known and integrated solution.


Search and present

Iguana DAM is integrated in Iguana: search and present has never been more powerful and easy. Searching the stored digitized materials can be done via a single search request, that returns results from the local book collections, external collections, website and digitized materials.

As such, Iguana DAM is the solution for the storage, management and retrieval of manuscripts, old prints, photos, postcards, sound and other types of digitized materials or heritage.

Storage and import

Digital objects are stored in a server folder. This can be on a separate server, or on the same server as the one on which the metadata is managed. Relationships between “parent” and “child” are automatically generated (in this context these are e.g. the relationships between a book and the pages of that old print). Metadata can automatically be derived from the digital object, thumbnails are generated and the image formats that are required by the viewers are created.


The application supports multiple wizards that simplify the management of digital objects. A good example of this are the wizards for upload and download and those for the management of relationships between parent and child metadata records. Iguana DAM also features functions for global change for the matching and merging of documents and for the editing of metadata.

Expose any material to your customers via standards


For image processing ImageMagick and IIPImage are used. For presentation, multiple viewers can be incorporated (Universal Viewer for all supported media types, Mirador specifically for images). Capabilities differ per viewer, but are often (and if applicable): display of digital objects, zoom, browse, page flip, display as full page, printing, downloading, watermark, preview and support for multiple languages. Display as a timeline is handled in a separate viewer.

Metadata formats

For storage, supported formats are MARC, DC (Dublin Core), DC-Qualified, EAD (Encoded Archival) and DAMSmart. Iguana DAM can import files in all sorts of formats, such as XLS (Excel), delimited (CSV), EAD, ISO2709, MARCXML, METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard), DC, DC-Qualified, ALTO (Analyzed Layout and Text Object) and MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema). These formats are also supported for export.

IIIF support

Supports the IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) standard for exchange of data and media.

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