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Iguana Events Booking is an add-on to Iguana that enables customers to reserve a spot for a paid or unpaid event, supporting “deep” (functional) integration.

Visual integration only is also possible. This implies (only) that a 3rd party application is integrated in Iguana and access is provided e.g. via Iguana’s menu. There is no functional integration between the two products and no additional license for Iguana Events Booking is needed. This is a standard feature of Iguana.

Events booking however goes further: it provides “deep” (functional) integration to the relevant functionality: integrated cash reports, inclusion in the customer record, access via “My Menu” and -optionally- a platform for (API based) linkage.

Integrated cash management

Supported events can be both unpaid (“free”) and paid. In the latter case, tickets can be bought. The costs are reflected in cash management as either a payment or an amount due.

Contact registration

All booking reservations are registered as a contact event. This means that all bookings are stored per customer as a contact “moment”, also meaning that the related details (such as date, time, price, and others) can be traced at a later time.

My Menu

The My Menu option of Iguana will reflect all outstanding event bookings, similar to material reservations or ILL requests. It is also possible to start from here the process of adding a new booking.

Optional support for APIs

Iguana Events Booking supports 3rd party API calls (think of harvesting a list of available events, retrieving a list of booked events or buying a ticket). This support of 3rd party APIs also enables the booking process to start in the 3rd party application (i.e. not in Iguana).

Where the actual ticket sale starts (in Iguana or in the 3rd party product) depends on multiple factors. No matter what the “starting application” is, the further-on processing in V-smart (cash management, contact registration) is identical.

This ability, its supported technology and functionality, and the associated development costs depend fully on the capabilities of the provided API calls. Provided the API supports the necessary functions, adding an API provider does not require changes to Iguana.

As said, the link to 3rd party applications via APIs is optional. If no API linkage is used, Iguana Events Booking can offer native events management, including obvious properties such as date, time and the maximum number of seats.

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