New CEO for Axiell – accelerating industry leadership through improved access to world’s collective knowledge!

New CEO for Axiell – accelerating industry leadership through improved access to world’s collective knowledge!

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Iguana Newsletters

Any newsletter you can think of – integrated

Iguana Newsletters supports all kinds of newsletters: (monthly) newsletters for adults, newsletters for specific target groups (children, the elderly, new customers, etc.).

The product also supports ad hoc newsletters based on selections from the customer base (link with V-smart and V-insight) and offers the possibility of sending fully automated newsletters, e.g. if customers change category or are about to change, on customers’ birthday, etc.

Integration and more

Iguana Newsletters are fully integrated with your customer data and website. This includes:

  • Integration with V-smart (ILS): no separate export of customer data is necessary.
  • Sent newsletters are automatically linked to the customer’s record.
  • Integration of newsletters into the website: your newsletters can be dynamically integrated into your Iguana website so that customers can also read the newsletters via the website – without extra work.
  • Possibility to send reservation messages, reminders, etc. from V-smart as a newsletter, which also offers the possibility to use such messages as a marketing tool (link with e.g. offers and services).
  • Direct connection with V-smart SSP reporting, V-smart customer base, V-smart contact registration, V-insight and the Iguana website.
  • Although integrated, it can also generate mailing lists based on CSV (Excel) files that contain email addresses.

It also offers:

  • Possibility to adjust layout per newsletter.
  • Possibility to apply rules when generating the newsletter (e.g. include certain articles in the newsletter only if certain conditions are met, – an example: only if the customer has a certain place of residence or belongs to a certain age category).
  • Possibility to personalize newsletters (inclusion of customer-specific data in the newsletter).
  • Creation of the newsletter via a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe, automatically if possible.
  • Possibility of analyzing volume and usage, – including linking with customer data.
  • Support for privacy laws such as CASL and GDPR.

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