WinBus and WinCirc

When the main applications are not available

Obviously, you rely on our main solutions such as V-smart, Iguana and V-insight. However, there may be instances when these are unavailable, e.g. due to a missing Internet connection. For such cases we offer two products: WinBus and WinCirc to allow you to continue to provide service to your customers.

WinBus is the offline mobile staff module, which can be used in bus libraries throughout the library’s work area.

WinCirc is the emergency application, typically used in brick and mortar libraries for offline circulation when V-smart is not available. Though most self-service machines provide similar functionality using buffering, WinCirc can be used “on top of” those machines.


Main WinCirc functions

The application’s main functions are Loans and Returns. The full feature list is:

  • Loans
  • Check-in
  • Customer enrollment
  • Transfers
  • Logs
  • Configuration (allows you to define settings such as loan periods, location, barcode patterns, and others) 

Additional WinBus functions

When compared to the WinCirc features, WinBus offers additional ones. These are based on the ability to load bibliographic records, items and customers from the main (online) system. The additional features are:

  • Collection searching
    Users can search in the (bibliographic and item) collection as downloaded from the main (online) server. Indexes can be set up in a flexible way and search results are presented in a clear and concise manner.
  • Customer searching
    Users can search in the customers as downloaded from the main (online) server. Searching is possible on barcode and by last name.
  • Payments
    Customers can pay outstanding amounts.
  • Warnings and notifications
    This includes e.g. warnings about blocks or reservations.
  • Bus stop definition
    It is possible to define bus stops for each en route staging point.

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