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Quria® – the most advanced library tool

Quria® is a cloud-based, digital-first Library Services Platform, designed to facilitate the transformation of the modern public library. The system is unique in how it supports library staff, making daily work routines more efficient, dramatically reducing the number of systems that staff need access to, and providing a complete overview of what is happening in the library.

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Manage everything in one place

Quria® enables the cost efficient management of all services in the library – from books to information, learning and entertainment. All assets and workflows – the physical collection, digital resources, program activities, community events, handling of e-media and engaging and managing the complete communication process with patrons – are accessible and manageable from one place.

Flexible and easy to use

Quria is fully web based and have a responsive design. The system is flexible and can be modified to the user’s preferences, allowing them to work in a way that best suits their needs. Even those less experienced in library management, for example, volunteers, can still use Quria, which means that it is easier and cheaper to get new users on-board.

Staff user friendly and efficient

Quria is a UX first driven developed system. The user experience and workflow efficiency in Quria® sets new standards for how a library platform should support library staff, ensuring they can work as they have always aspired to, engage with their community in new ways and spend their valuable time on important and high value activities.

Digital first approach

Quria’s main strategy is digital first. Integrations to Quria® are described by local technical experts and executed in a generic integration framework rather than specifically developed case by case. That means that the library can integrate to any supplier they like and chooses them self what data to manage in their collections: library catalogue, community documentation, local history, program activity, digital resources etc.

Open development system

Quria® is an open development system, built with micro services (modules), DSL – domain specific language – and wrapped with an integration platform. That’s why Quria® aims to be the most adaptable library management service on the market – irrespective of business model – regarding integration to and of external services.

Reach out to new patrons

Quria® is unique in how it allows the library to plan campaigns and promotions of the library’s activities, by connecting the patrons, the collection, programs and events, with the appropriate and most effective communication channels.

Manage your library outside the building

Quria® is ideal for libraries that want to continue on their digital journey. The modern Library Services Platform will help public libraries manage their move from building and managing collections to actively promoting them. Libraries strive to deliver relevant services to their citizens and community. As the community evolves, and as the demands from patrons’ shift, so must the library and its offerings. We have seen a trend that library staff want to be more mobile in the future. Therefore, we have ensured that important and recent tasks are also easy to do on mobile devices.

Get statistics and reports

Quickly understanding and foreseeing change is crucial to ensuring the future of libraries. Quria® provides advanced statistics and gathers insightful management information from a range of different channels, such as the library’s own website, social media and email. The collected data provides an evidence base which enables library staff to quickly gain a rich understanding and comprehensive view of its patrons and identify patterns and trends to determine relevant future strategies.

Cloud-based platform

Quria® is truly cloud native – adhering to the core principles of multi-tenancy, elastic scaling and ease of integration and administration. A cloud-based system allows us to provide you with exactly the right type and size of computing resources you need to power your newest bright idea.

Engage in reading, learning and creativity

Axiell views public libraries as a central institution in the community and we are developing Quria® to ensure that libraries can transition and continue to promote reading, learning and creativity, and be a democratic and inclusive forum in those communities.

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