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5 Reasons Why Ongoing Software Training is Important

Training is about more than being able to use the software. It is part of a much larger orchestration of internal talent and resources to meet organizational goals. Yes, a two-day training program will teach you how to accomplish specific tasks, but its long-term effects will be felt much wider across the organization. Here are a few of the ways ongoing software training makes an impact.

1. Develop a culture of learning, curiosity and skillful problem solving

The sense of control and mastery that comes with training encourages pride and ownership in the trainee. When your staff possess a comprehensive and complete understanding of what is expected of them, they have more confidence in their work and can act quicker and solve problems independently when challenges arise. Empowered, well-trained staff possess the self-motivation to actively seek out solutions.

2. Engage and retain employees

Staff who are well-trained and who have ample opportunities for professional development feel valued, which increases the likelihood of retention. By ensuring staff members have regular, relevant training to update their essential skills, you are keeping them interested and motivated.

3. Maximize return on investment from your systems and your employees

An empowered user base maximizes use of the software, saving time and offering a more enticing ­­return on investment. You can upskill novice users or supercharge power users to get this effect. You can then encourage trainees to share their learnings with other staff, creating even more opportunities to amplify the training. This decentralizes knowledge in your organization so that if you do experience turnover, the disruption to your organization is much lower.

4. Teach best practices to create strong foundations for innovation and collaboration

Best practices teach us the most effective way of doing something for optimal results. This creates immediate short-term benefits such as increased efficiency, but also long-term benefits such as setting up your infrastructure for future success and innovation.

For example, when we teach users how to properly manage data, we demonstrate the importance of data integrity for future projects which cultivates an innovation mindset. We also teach users how to build data that can be shared with other organizations for cross-discipline collaboration. Through the enforcement of best practices, users are given the tools to build strong foundations that elevate the organization.

5. Take a forward-thinking approach to technology to build agility and flexibility

A well-trained workforce makes executing new digital strategies much simpler. Staff create the seamless integration between your data and your organizational goals, and it is their ability to manipulate your data that enables an agile response to changing technology needs.

Streamline the connection between your institutional data and your workforce so that when a new opportunity comes along, the knowledge and infrastructure is already in place and can be leveraged for a new initiative. For example, as seen in our recently published Digital Transformation Report, cultural institutions know that strong digital foundations play a strategic role in audience-engagement strategies. We believe this is why respondents reported an increase in efficiency of their content presentation, with all data coming from the same source and then adapted based on channel.

Axiell’s Training Philosophy

We believe in flexible training programs to meet your evolving needs. All new Axiell customers go through a rigorous onboarding process with extensive admin and end user training, but sometimes a refresher is needed to build confidence, efficiency, and maximize investment in your software.

Our knowledge and skill boosting courses are designed to support your ongoing professional development and use of the software. We offer a variety of courses such as functionality-based training, a back-to-basics review, or our highly tailored House Call which is created specifically for your unique needs.

As part of our Axiell Community content, we offer educational webinars, blogs, and an annual user conference to build an ongoing culture of sharing, learning, and evolving.

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