Sapphire gets a facelift and improved usability: version 1.2.0 is now available

Axiell is pleased to announce the release of Axiell Sapphire 1.2.0.

Sapphire is a browser based add-on to the EMu Collections Management System. Designed to allow internet and/or intranet access to your EMu system, Sapphire enables you to search, edit and insert records in real-time using user customisable web forms. Because it runs in a browser, it can be used on any web-enabled device including smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Improvements have been made to all aspects of the interface. From labels and styling, to form controls and page layouts, the new-look Sapphire provides a refreshed and streamlined user experience.

The forms are now more responsive on narrow screens, improving its usability on mobile platforms, an environment where Sapphire excels — partly due to its synergy with the camera, which facilitates external image capture and barcode scanning apps.

Other improvements include a simplified user form designer, new warning prompts and support for multi-value fields. Behind the scenes, we have unified the codebase, improving the software’s maintainability.

User documentation for the application has also been updated and is now provided in the online EMu Help.

If you would be interested in implementing Sapphire at your institution or would like to schedule an upgrade please contact your local Account Manager or raise a ticket through Hornbill, the Axiell Customer Service Portal.

Go to Customer Service Portal


What’s new

  • Restyled skin – redesigned for a more pleasant user experience
  • Updated button labels – out with confusing/misleading text
  • New warnings – prompts before continuing dangerous actions
  • Redesigned page layout – easier access to commonly used features
  • Responsive form layout – multi-column forms respond when viewed on narrow screens
  • Simplified form layout configuration – out with redundant options
  • New user group selection – choose your group during login
  • Improved UI – more consistent styling across the app
  • New form control – upload small resources like PDFs
  • Improved multi-value controls – rows can now be added/removed from anywhere in your multi-value field
  • Drop-in app background – rebrand Sapphire by easily dropping in an image to use as background

Bug Fixes

  • Form data would be refreshed automatically after an error while saving
  • Button icons rendering strangely after recent Chrome update
  • Incompatible date format configurations between UI and Server causes display/save errors
  • Date-picker and Image controls clash
  • In some time zones date values are stored as previous day
  • Firefox displays inconsistent fonts in form
  • Form designer description input field overlaps other input fields in Firefox
  • Ref Table/Column config fields in form designer do not clear after changing field type from “attachment”
  • Image control stores images in wrong order
  • Tabbing between fields does not occur sequentially
  • Form designer does not auto hide line configuration
  • Forms appear blank if custom layer added and then removed
  • Image control buttons not responding on mobile devices

Full documentation is available on the EMu help site.

Sapphire documentation

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