New CEO for Axiell – accelerating industry leadership through improved access to world’s collective knowledge!

New CEO for Axiell – accelerating industry leadership through improved access to world’s collective knowledge!

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Axiell acquires Enisoft and adds library app to the portfolio

Acquisition targeted to expand Axiell’s Quria library services platform and facilitate digital transformation for public libraries

Lund, Sweden 18 January 2022 – Axiell, the world’s leading software and services provider for the cultural sector, announces the acquisition of Enisoft, a Finnish library mobile app provider. Enisoft is the leading app developer for public libraries in Finland, serving 45 municipalities including Helmet and PIKI Libraries. The acquisition is driven by Axiell’s expansion strategy, focusing and strengthening its offer in the public library and education industry. The app will be integrated with Axiell’s sustainable and digital-first cloud-based library services platform, Quria®. As a result, the acquisition advances Axiell’s technology platform, expanding the offer with a market-proven solution for public libraries to engage and communicate with their patrons in a relevant and efficient way.

“We have partnered with Enisoft in Finland because we are deeply familiar with the app and recognize the value it provides for our customers. We are thrilled to bring them into the Group to expand our offer with a market-leading app for public libraries in all markets where Axiell sells our Quria platform. The app ensures that patrons can quickly and easily interact with their library at any time, from anywhere. This is key for public libraries to stay relevant,” said Joel Sommerfeldt, President and CEO of Axiell Group. “Axiell’s strategy is to provide solutions that improve workflows in the library. With this app in our portfolio, we can also broaden our offer to include solutions which traditionally have been very expensive for libraries to manage, such as self-service.”

Marko Weissmann, co-founder and CEO of Enisoft, said, “After working with Finnish libraries for a few years, we are happy to see that with Axiell’s experience and resources our library app will be able to reach a new level in addition to international distribution. This acquisition also ensures even better overall service to our current library clients in the future.”

Axiell’s acquisition of Enisoft establishes an innovation-based path for public libraries to speed up their digital transformation process, which has become even more important for libraries during the Covid-19 pandemic. The acquisition accelerates the availability of technology that empowers libraries to communicate with patrons efficiently. The app enables patrons to self-serve, search the local library collection, manage their reservations and renewals, and check out books and media. Patrons will also have access to their digital library card.

To remain relevant to all audiences and to strengthen their position in society in a sustainable way, public libraries need to actively explore new ways of working with modern technology. Axiell’s ongoing commitment to the library industry has driven major developments in recent years, most notably in the cloud-based library services platform, Quria.

No further information about the transaction is disclosed.

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