Axiell Collections Related Records View

Axiell Collections Feature Highlight: Related Records View

Find and navigate all of an object’s relations in one place, for more efficient collections management

Collection objects/items can be involved in many procedures and activities such as loans, exhibitions, transports and research. All these activities are managed and documented in Axiell Collections and result in a host of relationships between the object record and the process documentation records. In addition to this, object records will have many other relationships with linked information such a locations, names and thesaurus terms.

While all these relations can be found in the collection record itself, they are spread out over multiple fields and screen sections.

Axiell Collections offers a cool function called the Related Records View that brings all these relations together in one clear overview. Not only does the Related Records View show all relations with other records in one view, it also allows the user to actually navigate the relations.

By clicking on a relation, Axiell Collections will go to the linked record, even if it’s in another part of the database. From there, the user can navigate back to the record they came from or to other relations in the viewer.

The Related Records Viewer makes working with Axiell Collections easier and more efficient.


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