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Data entry just got even easier with Record Templates in Axiell Collections

Axiell Collections already offers several features to make data entry quick and easy, but with release 1.10 we just made it even easier.

The new Record Template function enables users to store any number of templates of records that can be used as the starting point for the creation of new records. Simply select an existing record in your database and make a Record Template of it with a name you give it which means it’ll be easy to recognize. You can create as many templates as you need so you can create, for instance, a quick start for any type of object that needs to be entered into the database.

To create a new record, simply pick one of your Record Templates and the new record will be populated with all the fields from the template. You only need to complete the new record with the specific data for, for example, the new object. Information that is unique for a record, like the object number and barcode, is automatically excluded from the template so it won’t be copied into new records.

The Record Templates are personal so they can be made to fit your daily work like a glove. And, as is the case for most functions in Axiell Collections, Record Templates are available throughout the system so they can be used for all types of records.

You can find the new icons to work with the Record Template function in the Record Details View:

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