Digital Transformation & the Future of Museums: Take the Survey

Digital Transformation & the Future of Museums – Take the Survey, in Collaboration with Museums & the Web

Together with our friends at Museums & the Web, we are conducting a multi-year, international survey on digital transformation in museums and the cultural sector. The goal is to chart changes in digital, audience and engagement strategy in the cultural sector now, compared to 4 years ago. We would like to hear about the plans for the future of your organization, where you are today and where you are headed.

This survey follows on from our 2016 report: ‘Digital Transformation in the Museum Industry‘. This year, we would like to see how the industry has adapted to the challenges presented by Covid-19 and how this has shifted the priorities of your organization.

A preliminary report of your responses will be presented once the survey has closed and a full report, including comparison with the results from 2017, will be available online thereafter.

The estimated time to complete the survey is 10 minutes. We sincerely appreciate your time and insights!

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