EMu 6.1

Axiell is pleased to announce that EMu 6.1 was released on 20 December 2019.

EMu 6.1 contains new features and improvements, as well as a significant amount of fixes to previously identified issues.

Support for resizing of the EMu client on scaled displays is now available, including improved support for Windows dynamic scaling when moving an EMu window between monitors set at different scaling levels. This significantly improves the operation of EMu in high-resolution or multi-monitor desktop environments where scaling is being used.

New permission settings for the EMu update tools (such as the Condition Update and Relocation tools) have also been implemented, meaning users can now be granted access to these tools independently of global replace permissions. Other changes include improvements to the GEOLocate georeferencing interface; persistent registry entries; support for Microsoft Office 64-bit reports; improved multimedia file processing; improved contact sheet thumbnail drawing; and a handful of tweaks to UI elements with an emphasis consistency and ease of use.

Axiell undertakes a continuous enhancement program for its software, and releases these new versions to its client base under the annual Version Upgrade agreement. Minor releases are generally made available approximately every 3 months and major new releases every 12 to 18 months.

If you would like to schedule an upgrade please contact your local Account Manager or raise a ticket on the Axiell Customer Service Portal.

Click below to see the full list of changes.

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