Improvements for EMu hosting service

We’ve made some improvements for EMu hosting this week and we wanted to explain the changes we’ve made.

We’ve been working with some of our hosted EMu customers this week to troubleshoot issues that have arisen while accessing their systems from home. We’ve also made some improvements to the current service for you.

Easier login for remote workers

Previously we limited access to our hosted services to listed IP addresses. This led to some users having to indirectly connect through their workplace VPN when they wanted to access their CMS from home, which in turn added delay and a loss in performance. Now they can securely login via a direct method.

No manual updating of IP addresses

Home networks have dynamic IP addresses, unlike your organisational networks IP which will stay constant, and that has caused some repeating access issues to those of you now trying to use your home network to access the system. Now you can login via a new hosting gateway which means you don’t have to send a new IP to the EMu support team every time it changes.

Enhanced security and setup upgrade

While working on this, we’ve also taken the opportunity to make some improvements to our security and setup to current best practices. We have also looked at the configuration of the hosted servers and we are giving them an upgrade to provide an all-round performance boost.

How do I obtain details about the new connection method

To find out how to configure your Remote Desktop connection to use the new secure gateway, please contact your support desk via the Axiell Customer Service Portal.

Optional VPNs setup service

If you prefer to use a VPN to set up a secure connection to EMu, we have now found a way to offer this service. If you do require this, we can deliver this for you for a small charge.

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