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Library Consortium Norra Bohusläns Biblioteksförbund (NBBF) chooses Quria®

Norra Bohusläns Biblioteksförbund (NBBF) chooses Axiell’s cloud-based platform Quria and Axiell Arena, providing the libraries’ staff and users with a modern, flexible solution. As a library consortium, NBBF’s goal is to manage all of their resources in one platform and to provide the digital service that visitors and borrowers expect from libraries today.

Norra Bohusläns Biblioteksförbund, which includes the coastal municipalities of Munkedal, Sotenäs, Strömstad and Tanum, has followed the development of Quria since the platform was first introduced. They have now chosen to leave a client-based system behind in favour of Axiell’s modern, cloud-based solution to speed up digital transformation.

“We see many advantages of a completely new, cloud-based system now that a large number of visits take place digitally. We need a library system with which we can weave several functions into one: lending streamable media, showing what events are available at our libraries in northern Bohuslän, and enabling users to find the right book in the right format. Other functions the system must accommodate include purchasing, interlibrary loans, integrations with existing self-service equipment, authentication of self-access library visitors, etc. With Quria, we get a flexible system that empowers us to manage all these different activities together” says Sara Malm Ramsvik, Library Coordinator in Tanum municipality.

Quria is a platform where all of the library’s resources and workflows can be managed together. This includes physical collections, digital resources, library activities, events, e-media and all communication channels. With Quria, the library can build a future-proof collection that supports linked data, Libris XL, and offers both library staff and visitors the benefits of RDA and FRBR. A catalogue structured according to RDA and FRBR gives the user a clear overview of all the formats or variations of a book or resource, that are available in the collection.

The system simplifies the staff’s internal work and frees up time for initiatives like visitor outreach and reading promotion. It is cloud-based and works behind the scenes so that the library does not need to be closed for updates to the solution.

“That Norra Bohusläns Biblioteksförbund has chosen Quria to manage their network of libraries is an extra feather in our cap. It is important to Axiell that we support the functions and routines for library consortia, large and small.” says Joachim Läckberg, Axiell’s Public Library Manager in Sweden.

“We think it’s fun, interesting and advantageous to be in the growing Quria community and to work with a new system that is adapted for a library consortium like ours. System updates are simplified, ongoing maintenance needs will shrink to a minimum, and we won’t have to involve our local IT departments. With this new system in place, it will be easier and more fun for our staff to perform their daily work, giving us more time to focus on our visitors and borrowers.” concludes Sara Malm Ramsvik.


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Maria Wasing, COO Axiell
Telefon: + 46 73 852 17 52
Epost: maria.wasing@axiell.com

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