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New Online Help System for Axiell Collections

We are pleased to share that we are launching a brand new Axiell Collections Online Help with the upcoming release of Axiell Collections v1.11.

The new Axiell Collections Online Help presents a modern and improved look and feel that is responsive and user friendly, and the content has been rewritten and expanded to provide users and administrators with more accessible, task-driven help.

The Axiell Collections Online Help documents the functionality available in Axiell Collections and demonstrates how to use it. The new Help, which replaces the existing documentation.axiell.com site, includes release notes for all Axiell Collections releases, so you can keep up with the latest developments for your CMS.

The first release of the new Axiell Collections Online Help is available in English, with other languages to follow.

You can access the new Help here: http://help.collections.axiell.com/

Improved navigation for users and administrators

With the new Online Help we’ve made navigation easier and separated help for users and administrators into distinct sections. The search engine is powerful and we’ve added an FAQ section to help you find answers to common questions quickly.

Click For Users for help on the Axiell Collections UI, working with data sources and working with records.

Click For Administrators for help on installation and configuration, technical specifications, and rights and permissions.

Besides making all information that existed in the previous version of the help system easier to use, we have also brought a lot of information together in context that was previously dispersed.

Updating the Help link in Axiell Collections

Axiell Collections users with a local installation need to make a small change in the configuration, a change that can be made by Application Administrators in a matter of minutes. For our cloud customers this change will be made by Axiell.

Once the configuration change has been made, the new online help will launch when the Help icon is clicked in various dialogue boxes and when the Help link in the Main menu is clicked:


The URL of the Help system is specified in the Axiell Collections settings file. Application Administrators need to replace the old URL with the new URL, save the settings and recycle the application pool. This should only be done when no users are working in Axiell Collections as the recycle action will kick out all users.

The settings file, called settings.xml, can be found in the App_Data subfolder of your Collections installation directory. Locate the following line:


and change it to:


Your feedback

We would like to thank all users who helped test the new Online Help. If you have suggestions or additional details that could benefit other users, you can always click Feedback at the bottom of each page.

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